We provide all information regarding the company and all the products displayed on our E-store in the context of description text and images precisely as possible.

Due to the health and safety concerns associated with reuse and hygiene issues, we DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on any of our products. Moreover, kindly be aware that our packaging is properly sealed for hygiene purposes. We cannot accept returns or exchanges of items whose packaging has been opened. We take great care to ensure our products remain sterile and free of any contamination.

Furthermore, as per covid-19 policies, we do not offer testers for liquids on any of our outlets.

We ship our products in the safest conditions possible, so you can be sure that you receive items in perfect condition. However, if any of our products get damaged during the shipment, please contact support@myvapecart.co.uk immediately after receiving the parcel.

You should notify the company via Email (support@myvapecart.co.uk) within three days (24 hours for disposables) of purchase if your item or package has been damaged, faulty or in any way defective to claim a successful exchange. Share the image and video of defective products on email. (Shipping Charges are Non-Refundable. In addition, the client will pay all the additional shipping charges).

All details regarding the defect of the item should be notified via Email (support@myvapecart.co.uk) to the company.

Note: No refunds will be granted on any of My Vape Cart products.

Any additional handling and shipping cost would be the customer’s responsibility.

Note: Customer should mention all the details of the item with the clear reason for claim via Email (support@myvapecart.co.uk).

Note: No Refund Accepted on any Product Purchased from My Vape Cart.

No Exchange on Clearance Sale Items.